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Teachers and students of Binzhou University come to our company to visit and study

  On the morning of May 20, more than 200 sophomores from Chemical Engineering College of Binzhou University, led by Jin Zhijie and other teachers, came to our group company to visit and study. Yang Jinliang, deputy director of business management department of Guochang group, accompanied the whole visit and made a brief introduction to the development status and prospects of the group company. Yin Shifeng, production director of Lvbang board, explained the company's specific situation, main products and production technology in detail. The students showed a strong interest in the company's production equipment and production technology. The accompanying staff of our group company answered a series of questions raised by the students one by one. This activity has been highly valued by the leaders of the school and the group company. All the branch companies actively cooperate and carefully prepare, which has produced a good brand effect, built a platform for school enterprise cooperation, played a positive role in promoting the smooth implementation of the talent strategy of our group company, and received unanimous praise from teachers and students.




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